At least there’s no Tang Soo Two-Step. I hope.

Today’s class had some new twists on One-Step Sparring; namely doing the Intermediate versions and also the Three-Step Sparring versions.  I’m not sure where my head was because I had a devil of a time getting even the simple one-steps right and the three-steps were worse.  There is some consolation in that working combinations seemed to go better today although I still need to get better with recognizing the spoken Korean terms for hand techniques.

It also seems that my Chil Sung E Lo is getting worse with practice.  Must do something about that if I’m going to have it down with sufficient competency by the end of March and the next gup shim sa.

I’ve intentionally cut back on my level of participation in the 20,000 to keep from overtaxing my knee. Hopefully it’s just a matter of needing to work into a higher level of exercise more slowly and not a sign that it’ll need to be replaced sooner rather than later…  I only got around to doing half my kicks today but will be satisfied with that on top of class.  Tomorrow needs to see all of them finished.

The first inter-school tournament of the season is coming up in March.  Still working on getting up the chutzpah to enter.  We’ll see.

Exercise on this day: Ahneso Phakuro Cha Gi: 16 Kicks (L&R) · Ahp Cha Gi: 16 Kicks (L&R) · Combos · Hyung: Ki Cho Hyung Il Bo, Pyang Ahn Cho Dan, Chil Sung E Lo · One-Step Sparring (Intermediate) · Three-Step Sparring · Tollyo Cha Gi: 16 Kicks (L&R) · Yup Cha Gi: 16 Kicks (L&R)