Time to Get My Poop in a Group…

We had a special post-Thanksgiving Day class at LTSD that I’ve taken as a good kick-in-the-ass to get back to work. I missed a lot of classes in September and October due to business travel and November and December are always challenging with the holiday season.  Time to get back in the game…

My goal has been to achieve 3rd Gup (red belt) status by the spring/early summer shim sa. I already missed out on one promotion due to travel and absences so there’s no longer any wiggle room. Time to stop trying and start doing again.


Exercise on this day: Crunches: 100 · Hyung: Basic · One-Step Sparring (Basic): 1 through 5 · Push-ups: 100 · Squats: 100

One thought on “Time to Get My Poop in a Group…”

  1. Love your perseverance.
    You aee a true martial artist.

    It’s not easy training as an adult.
    We have jobs and priorities that make it close to impossible. But don’t give up. We are all in a similar boat. Keep pushing..keep learning. Make a decision to do something every day..even if it’s working on technique at home..or even stretching. Do something everyday that keeps you moving foward.
    I am in your corner cheering you on!

    Mrs. Krantz 🙂

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