Chil Sung E Lo

Just a quick note tonight. Updates tomorrow eventually

Went through basic hyung up through Pyang Ahn Cho Dan but mostly worked on Chil Sung E Lo with Mrs. Krantz.  If I walk through it again tomorrow while it’s still fresh I might have it down.

It turns out another student shares my interest in both cycling and archery. We’ll have to get together over the summer.

Thoughts on Chil Sung E Lo (Seven Stars, 2nd Stage)

Exercise on this day: Hyung: Chil Sung E Lo · Sparring (Boxing Drills): Punching Combinations

Ramping up on the 20,000 at LTSD

At yesterday’s class, Mister Krantz introduced Sean’s 20,000 Challenge to the class and dedicated most of the class to kicking it off…  *rimshot*

All told we practiced a total of about 3,300 kicks in about a half-hour.  Not as bad I as I expected but I’m feeling it this morning! For this particular session, we worked 5 basic kicks doing 30 of each with each leg: Front, Side, Roundhouse, Axe, and Inside-Outside.  (Front, Side, and roundhouse were further split in half from the front leg and half from the back leg.)

Most of the rest of class was devoted to advanced hyung but I did get in some more work on  Chil Sung E Lo.

The Fitness Logger add-on appears to be working properly and I’m taking the liberty of including this class towards the 20,000.

Exercise on this day: Ahneso Phakuro Cha Gi: 30 Kicks (L&R) · Ahp Cha Gi: 30 Kicks (L&R) · Ceik Cha Gi: 30 Kicks (L&R) · Hyung: Chil Sung E Lo · Tollyo Cha Gi: 30 Kicks (L&R) · Yup Cha Gi: 30 Kicks (L&R)

Training at Bantam Rec Center

Chalk one up to surviving another class.  Last night we warmed up on basic hyung, followed by combos based on a variety of kicks, and then brought it all together with some round robin sparring.  We cooled down with some breathing exercises which led naturally into finishing with Chil Sung E Lo.  It’s only the second time I’ve gone through that one but I’m beginning to at least get the gist of it.

Exercise on this day: Combos · Hyung · Sparring

The 20,000 Challenge

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“I fear not the man who has practiced 10,000 kicks once,  but I fear the man who has practiced one kick 10,000 times.”
-Bruce Lee

The 20,000 Challenge

This challenge was also inspired in part by the Ultimate Black Belt Test, who are doing amazing work for the world of Martial Arts as a whole. From them I got the idea of providing a ramp up to the level of physical fitness that is required for their test.

So what is the challenge?

Over the period of one year you are challenged to do 20,000 of four different exercises and at least four different kinds of kicks. Continue reading The 20,000 Challenge