Ramping up on the 20,000 at LTSD

At yesterday’s class, Mister Krantz introduced Sean’s 20,000 Challenge to the class and dedicated most of the class to kicking it off…  *rimshot*

All told we practiced a total of about 3,300 kicks in about a half-hour.  Not as bad I as I expected but I’m feeling it this morning! For this particular session, we worked 5 basic kicks doing 30 of each with each leg: Front, Side, Roundhouse, Axe, and Inside-Outside.  (Front, Side, and roundhouse were further split in half from the front leg and half from the back leg.)

Most of the rest of class was devoted to advanced hyung but I did get in some more work on  Chil Sung E Lo.

The Fitness Logger add-on appears to be working properly and I’m taking the liberty of including this class towards the 20,000.

Exercise on this day: Ahneso Phakuro Cha Gi: 30 Kicks (L&R) · Ahp Cha Gi: 30 Kicks (L&R) · Ceik Cha Gi: 30 Kicks (L&R) · Hyung: Chil Sung E Lo · Tollyo Cha Gi: 30 Kicks (L&R) · Yup Cha Gi: 30 Kicks (L&R)