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Blog Reboot

Getting the blog up and running again…

There are still several old, half-finished entries that need to be completed and published they’re less important than moving forward.

Exercise on this day: Tread-Climber: 25 Minutes

Site Outage & Spambots

In case anybody noticed, the site was down since some time Tuesday.  I managed to set up the automatic bill payment for the new web hosting incorrectly and it got suspended for a few days before I realized.  That wouldn’t have happened if I were a bit more religious about posting.  As it is there are days when I did my kicks for the 20,000 but neglected to record them so they just don’t count…

On a brighter note, the site is up to 82 registered users.  Granted, every last one of them is a spambot but at least the internet acknowledges that I’m here.


The 20,000 Challenge: Accepted

Okay. So my new friend, Sean, from Litchfield Tang Soo Do came up with this challenge and I foolishly took him up on it.  In addition to getting me back into shape faster, maybe it’ll help me tie together a couple of other projects — including doing something useful with this website.

Here’s the actual challenge:


About this blog…

This site was created mostly to familiarize myself with the workings of WordPress so I could help a friend set up a site.  We’ll see if it becomes anything more than that as time goes by.