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Don’t pay the ransom — I’ve escaped!

Okay, so I wasn’t actually kidnapped but the 2015 reboot died a horrible death due to my being insanely busy with work including changes at the corporate helm and relocating our national office 300 miles away…

But I’m back now.

It’s time to reboot the reboot.

Blog Reboot

Getting the blog up and running again…

There are still several old, half-finished entries that need to be completed and published they’re less important than moving forward.

Exercise on this day: Tread-Climber: 25 Minutes

Site Outage & Spambots

In case anybody noticed, the site was down since some time Tuesday.  I managed to set up the automatic bill payment for the new web hosting incorrectly and it got suspended for a few days before I realized.  That wouldn’t have happened if I were a bit more religious about posting.  As it is there are days when I did my kicks for the 20,000 but neglected to record them so they just don’t count…

On a brighter note, the site is up to 82 registered users.  Granted, every last one of them is a spambot but at least the internet acknowledges that I’m here.


The 20,000 Challenge: Accepted

Okay. So my new friend, Sean, from Litchfield Tang Soo Do came up with this challenge and I foolishly took him up on it.  In addition to getting me back into shape faster, maybe it’ll help me tie together a couple of other projects — including doing something useful with this website.

Here’s the actual challenge:


About this blog…

This site was created mostly to familiarize myself with the workings of WordPress so I could help a friend set up a site.  We’ll see if it becomes anything more than that as time goes by.