Last week had some frustrating events that suggested that Self Control might be the tenet to discuss next.

Self Control • 자제심

self–con·trol  noun \ˈself-kən-ˈtroll\

: control over your feelings or actions

:  restraint exercised over one’s own impulses, emotions, or desires

This week’s exercise in self-control involved remembering that the trooper who issued me a summons for driving a vehicle with a suspended registration was not the one responsible for the administrative snafu that got it erroneously suspended in the first place.  Not the trooper, not the DMV minion who neglected to send out any notice of suspension back in June, not the guy who answered the insurance line at  DMV and immediately lifted the suspension, and not even the state’s attorney I’ll have to deal with in court in a couple of weeks to get the bogus charge dismissed.

As easy as it would have been to go off on any of them, there would be no point in it.  Somebody at DMV made a clerical error, it cost me some aggravation and a couple of days of work. It’s not the end of the world and I’m not going to let it waste any more of my time and energy than it absolutely has to.


Exercise on this day: Ahneso Phakuro Cha Gi: 32 Kicks (L&R) · Ahp Cha Gi: 32 Kicks (L&R) · Crunches: 16 · Leg-raises: 16 · Push-ups: 16 · Squats: 16 · Tollyo Cha Gi: 32 Kicks (L&R) · Yup Cha Gi: 32 Kicks (L&R)