Drops Against the Stone

Drops Against the Stone Book Cover Drops Against the Stone
Brandon Sieg

After fifteen years of teaching martial arts in both the collegiate and commercial setting, author Brandon Sieg has seen just about everything and has an opinion on most. Drops Against the Stone is a compilation of essays written to educate his students beyond a one minute “mat chat” at the end of a class. It goes deeper, to the heart of things. Some discussions might be held over dinner after training—anecdotes and somewhat cathartic tales about students who do or don’t “get it,” or musings of the benefits of the martial arts with real world examples. These are often mingled with martial arts history, culture, and tradition as it is relates through the eyes of an academic. It is martial arts and the world at large viewed from the lens of a martial arts eccentric—a martial arts education through rants, ravings, musings and memoirs. While written to guide his students, chances are much of it relates to your own martial arts journey as well. From training to trends in the martial arts and society at large, you won’t always agree with his opinions, but “Drops” challenges you and encourages you to sincerely pursue the martial way.

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