Gup Shim Sa Rank Testing

Litchfield Tang Soo Do’s next rank test, Gup Shim Sa, will be about a month and a half from today. If I can stay on track and focused  between now and then, I should be able to regain my green.

 Gup testing will include a series of combination exercises, one-step sparring techniques, hyung, and, at the last step, a board break.  To get where I want to be in March, I’ll need to be proficient in basic hand and foot techniques, the first five hyung, and both basic and intermediate one-step sparring techniques.

  • Ki Cho Hyung Il Bu
  • Ki Cho Hyung E Bu
  • Ki Cho Hyung Sam Bu
  • Pyang Ahn Cho Dan
  • Chil Sung E Lo

beltsSome identify belt colors by season with green representing the spring which is appropriate given that the Shim Sa is scheduled just four days after the vernal equinox. If there is a time to earn the right to wear my green belt again, this is it.

Exercise on this day: Hyung: Ki Cho Hyung Il Bu, Pyang Ahn Cho Dan, Chil Sung E Lo

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